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3D Work

Galactic Get Away

Glactic Get Away is a game that I helped make, I was taked with creating level assets and backgrounds. I'll create another post for the level assets but these are the backgorunds for that game. This was the smallest of the backgrounds which is why there are only two pictures, this was the scene of a powerplant of some kind.

This was the second scene, there are lots of small details in this one but I'm very happy with the large device that takes up the centre of the room, in the original concept there was an effect in the centre but having it empty at this moment makes it seem more interesting.

This is my personal favourite scene as it shows off the skybox I created. Assets from the original concept were used and I think they look really good here. It's a docking station with the large ship in the centre it would carry other ships with it and act as a refueling station, you can see smaller ships leading up to it. All of these scenes are made with Maya for moddeling, Substance Painter for texturing and Unity for lighting.

Knight Door Destruction.jpg
Knight Door Destruction 2.jpg
Knight Door Destruction 3.jpg

Knight Break-in

For my cinematic there's a scene where this knight character breaks down a door to get into a castle. I decided to recreate this scene as a still image using Marmoset Toolbag, the full video is up now on Final Major Project. In the scene you don't get to see the knight too well so these angles will add to that scene. I created the models in Maya and textured them in Substance Painter, I rigged the charcter myself in Maya. I used a lot more lighting in a lot more quality for these pictures than my previous projects which I think makes the model look much nicer.


Robot Character

I decided to create a chracter I'd made a concept of for one of my university projects, this wasn't part of the project but I really liked the design and I got lots of good feeback from him so I created a 3D model of him with textures, this also gave me the chance to use a software I'd never used before, Marmoset which allowed me to display my models and characters to a high quality and give it lots of good lighting around him. OVerall I'm very happy with how this turned out and I'll be using Marmoset Toolbag a lot more in the future.

Owen Neighbour WW2 poster 1.jpg
Owen Neighbour WW2 poster 2.jpg
Owen Neighbour WW2 poster 4.jpg
Owen Neighbour WW2 poster 3.jpg
Assult on Southend JPG.jpg

World War 2 Project

This project was more about just 3D modelling as I had to do concept art on this as well, but since most of these piece of concept art would end up on the building anyway, I decided to put it here. Our task was to re-create a building that was set in the era of World war 2. The building I got was a building not far from my University so I had no trouble finding out about what it looked like. The building looks completely different now from what it was and the only pictures I got were in black and white so I had to take some creative liberties. other than that though I think it looks rather good, I added some of the posters I made onto the building to match the look of those times. Just some small propaganda posters I made to make the area more believable.

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