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Hey! I'm Owen, I am a Digital Character and Environment Artist who makes 2D as well as 3D artwork, these projects are mostly for making games but I also make things for other types of media too. I use Autodesk Maya to 3D model and Animate as well as Photoshop to make concept art and several other programs to get my projects done while still learning some new ones to help.

I am also able to use other software like Blender and ZBrush for 3D assets and characters, as well as Clip Studio and Gimp for concept art of many style types. I pick up new stuff well, whether that be new software or ways of working or a paticular style, I love exploring new tecniques and how to make even cooler things as I go on. Be it 2D or 3D I'll try and make the best out of what I can use.

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