Hex Knight

I've been worked on the project for a long time now, around eight months to be exact and I'm glad for it to be complete. This is a cinematic to be advertisement for a video game, similar to the trailers Blizzard Entertainment, Bethesda or Valve release to give some story elements to get audiences interested in the story of their games. This is a trailer for a game called Hex Knight, magic has left this fantasy world with few artefacts of that world behind, this cinematic explores when one of those artefacts gets discovered and brings the more powerful ones that have survived inot power again.

This cinematic shows two characters, one which has a charge to protect these artefacts and make sure they don't get into the wrong hands and someone who has been given power by these artefacts and wishes for more.

This project was going to use Motion capture to get the animations of the characters but I wasn't able to get all of it due to the pandemic, instead I used Mixamo animations and adjusted them to fit the cinematic as well as my own animations for certain scenes that couldn't be found on Mixamo although I made adjustments to those animations and even made my own in certain instances, I only wish I had time to make it all my own animations as this was a university project but I'm still able to improve this project with my own work in the future. Here are some clips from the cinematic, the link below will take you to the full cinematic.


Enemy animations

I was given the role of animating the enemies of this game for mobiles as well as other roles. This task was most likely my most time consuming one but I think the results are worth it as I think they look really good, I made walking animations for all of these four characters, ones of each left right and back as those where the directions they would be going in the game, there was no need for a forward facing one as that wasn't needed in the game. As well as this I did death animations for when the player defeated these enemies which was rather fun as it lead me to be more creative with what these characters would do.