Current Project

Old Design

Remastering Dasil

A couple of years ago I made some character art for a character named Dasil, a wizard who focused on illusions and tricking his foes. Since then, my artstyle for creating those types of characters has changed and improved to fit with the setting they're in, so with this change I am making old characters into a new style, this also includes Danpher and Clover if you have seen my previous works.

In this new art piece it will show one of the abilities he had where he could place a duplicate of himself where he was standing and take his place as Dasil walked off, tricking those threatening him or attacking him at the time. While the previous artwork I did also showed him using illusions, it wasn't clear what he was doing and the preportions of the character were off, I plan to fix those mistakes with this new piece.

Preview of magic effects

While I still like my other artwork, it is outdated and this character diserves better, I will still keep the previous artwork on my website but it's already been removed from my social medias. This character I made for dungeons lasted me a long time, and now that the campaign is over I felt he needed a fresh coat of paint.

Next characters to upgrade