2D Work

Marcy and Maeldwyn

These are some more Dungeons & Dragons characters I was commisioned to make, one a is a healer with some less than normal ways of magic, the other a swordsman with no shame to his darker side.

I was told that many people enjoyed this new style for the other D&D characters I made and so I decided to carry on that trend with these characters, I focused a lot more on lighting in these pieces as it's something I've been improving a lot recently and I think this extreme lighting style works well along side the art style.

Sanctuary Fall.jpg

Qynn: Sanctuary Fall

Another character on the 2700 list, Qynn's life consisted entirely on one of the Sanctuary ships that orbited old Earth after its fall, she grew up to be a great technician and found herself maintaining her own home of Sanctuary 509. Working to keep the ship in orbit she was always fascinated of what earth was like, she'd heard and read descriptions of what earth was like but surely that can’t compare to the real thing. At some point the ship came under fire from the surface or earth and Qynn was tasked with making sure the Station pods were working getting ready for a crash landing, when she knew the ship had entered the atmostphere she knew she couldn't save anyone else in time and so she placed herself in the pod, unfortunately she was slightly too late and the landing of the ship broke the door to her pod as it was locking and the pod got crushed under the impact.

However she survived, two limbs crushed and several more inguries around her she was lucky that those in the pods with her survived to aid although this wasn't a hospital there were plenty around who knew what they were doing and managed to keep her alive. Her crushed limbs couldn't be saved but that didn't bother her too much, she started her carrier making robotic limbs for others so she could easily help herself to some. With the scrap she found and a little bit of help she was back to normal, it was time to explore her home.

Sanctuary Fall 16-9.jpg

Grothkarr & Therruk

These are some Dungeons & Dragons characters I was commisioned to make, two strong men from the same clan, one a half Orc, the other a Goliath. The one on the left is Grothkarr and Therruk is on the left, one a holy paladin with a flaming warhammer in his hands ready to prove his clan he's worthy again, the other a cursed Barbarian who wants to undo the wrongs he was forced to commit.

I used a different artstyle for these characters to make them seem a bit more exagerated in their features, I think it looks really cool but I think I still prefer my old style, hopefully I get commissioned to do more of these as they were really fun to make and I enjoy hearing the characters people create in their games.

Diskstrikers Barret Original Design.jpg
Diskstrikers Barret.jpg


This is Barret, a robot tasked with recreating earthquake conditions, but the project he was built for was shut down, considered useless by most, Diskstrikers took the opportunity to use him for the games, they changed some aspects of him and adding new parts and adding to him programming he eventually became Barret. Similar to Trench a final version of this character’s artwork will be published soon, the character had a lot of changes from its original development as you can probably tell.

Built in Münster, Germany, Barret was constructed for measuring seismic activity to then recreate for testing purposes by a company called Robust. In his early years he observed many earthquakes throughout the years in places like Northern Arabia, Nepal and Japan. After collecting around 10 years of data of earthquakes across the globe he was brought to a testing facility in Greenland to recreate them. Many materials and structures that had the potential to be resistant to these tremors were proven in this facility by Barret himself as he was able to create any scale earthquake on the Richter scale; eventually these tests would have fulfilled their purpose and Robust was able to create a large line of earthquake resistant products but with nothing left to test, Barret had no use anymore.

Barret was about to be smelted down for other use but Robust was given a price for him by DiskStrikers as they needed a large robot to face the contestants up against and Barret seemed the perfect fit to be in the first series, to make him more appealing they cleaned him up, gave him a paint job and added a few lines of code to him to project a voice and have more of a personality. This worked wonders, it worked so well that the people watching the show wanted him to be a contestant as they enjoyed his intimidating design and destructive nature. So DiskStrikers obliged, they added more depth to his voice lines and created a character out of Barret and added an appendage to throw disks and severally limited his destructive capabilities to accommodate for the other maps as they were not all as structurally sound as the one he was originally placed in.

Diskstrikers Trench Original Design.jpg
Diskstrikers Trench.jpg


This character is part of the Disk Strikers project, I've created a seperate tab above so you can see the ins and outs of that project and keep you updated. For now, this is Trench, a cyborg who carries around a large shield to protect himself and others around him, this first piece is the first concept of the character and an updated one will be added once it is complete, the finalised character is below which we will be using for our game.

Trench has always been a great fan of the games and was one of the first to join, back then it was all about entertainment with a chance of a wish at the end, he was never able to win but he joined for every season becoming the poster boy for the show. After the first season he took a young apprentice named Axel who had his home destroyed, Axel also loved the games and so to cheer him up Trench trained Axel up for DiskStrikers and eventually brought him to season three of the games which gave them a very close bond to each other. Over time however, Trench could see that the games were only making Axel act out his feelings towards his contestants, he would bring serrated blades and his armour was full of spikes, at one point he had to intervene when Axel was about to kill another contestant which ended up with an accident where Trench lost his arm. This sat with Trench for a long time as he slowly learnt how to use his new prosthetic, Trench took a break from the games but the they continued running with Axel being portrayed as the poster boy of the games, it was the highest rated season so far, Trench tried to take action against the games for what happened to his arm but any attempt to claim benefits or sue was quickly shut down by the court itself.

Trench realising he could do nothing, decided to do some research, he discovered an organisation working in partnership with DiskStrikers known as [REDACTED], after researching deep into this organisation’s history he found that [REDACTED] funds the games and provides the winner with the wish at the end. Looking at the results of the winners of the games he discovered that all of the wishes of the winning contestants have been manipulated to suit the organisations desires. [REDACTED] also have power within multiple governments wherever they’re stationed, which Trench realises was the reason he couldn’t act against the games. Trench believes he’s able to give a wish in a certain way to make sure that these games get shut down, he beefs up his armour and trains more than he ever has before for the games and signs up for the next season of DiskStrikers, in hopes that he can get some revenge and maybe save his lost friend Axel. Not long after he revealed his return another figure appeared to be joining Enigma, who where’s the symbol of [REDACTED] Trench believes he was sent to the games to stop him, so he’s keeping a close eye on him.



Born into a death cult known as Baal’s chosen, Wyke had a strange upbringing, Baal’s chosen believed that their god Baal wanted to rid the world of humans and bring a new, better race to replace them, Baal’s chosen were tasked with doing that and if they did so they would get a place in paradise. This quickly turned into a suicide cult however as most members would kill a few people and kill themselves, one to get a place in paradise easily and to not face any consequences on earth, as well as it being a much better alternative than living on earth at this point in time. Wike didn’t see it as this way however and he urged his cult to see the bigger picture, to kill as a group to clear this earth faster to please Baal, but he seemed to be alone in this thought and so he worked as a mercenary to please Baal.

He eventually found a group of mercenaries he preferred to work with, a more destructive group than usual that were certainly open to any contract that came their way, many of them didn’t share his views and were even talking about trying to preserve earth, he didn’t mention his views and pretended to do it all for the money as not make them realise their own hypocrisy and they’d keep on going the way they were. This stuck for a while but being with this group for several years provokes conversation and many of Wyke’s actions began to reveal themselves, including his Baal tattoo on his back. Due to its self-destructive nature his cult wasn’t very well known among the group but he showed more than he would like to and might be considering a new group soon, but as long as they keep on doing what they do best, he’s happy earning a place in Baal’s paradise.



I created clover from a story I made, exiled from a peaceful community for killing the wildlife around him. Although this was to protect his people he was tasked with keeping the wildlife that grew on his shoulders safe, if he returned with the plants they gave him alive and healthy he could return. Only when he did return he found nothing but ash, showing that it was there mistake for banishing him. He found a different friend in this chaos however, blue who you can see carring on his finger. This took me around a month to do as I'm working on serveral projects at the moment which I will feature on this website as well.


Living in small druid society, Clover was taught to preserve nature at all costs. This small village was known as Ahrine on the northern side of the Vixen’s Forest, the village was new to the area, originally from the Jemedi Islands before pirates moved on their territory, they moved north to the best forest they could find. I was born in the Vixen’s woods with my parents, my mother () stuck with the traditions of the village, this meant to never carry weapons to harm the wildlife and only use the bare minimum to stay alive. This was a little too extreme for my dad’s tastes, his name was (), being one of the only members along with my grandad () to carry a weapon, this was accepted only to scare those who would try and hurt them, fortunately he never had to use it, so it was allowed and so it became his job to protect the village, he wasn’t about to be dragged away from his home again. Once they were too old my dad laid the responsibility to me, at 25 he gave me his sword which he had bought on the way to their new home. The village was small, and the wildlife wasn’t too vicious so the task wasn’t too heavy, and as the days went on the defences grew and so did the village. My task went from a one-man job to a six-man job, and because of the growth there was enough to fill those spots, we had our own guard with me as leader, although the rule still stayed as the rest of the village had agreed.


It was tough keeping to the rules of the village with the way the village had grown, a couple of close calls but with our size we scared many away rather easily. We were well hidden from the eyes of outsiders with our position but eventually we were met by outsiders, a group of adventurers had come across the village in need of aid, one of them had been greatly injured, being our charge to protect nature we helped, we brought them to our healers and had their injuries fixed. But they were being hunted, it seems these adventurers had got in trouble in Helexios and now guards were hunting for them, we did our best to hide the village but it wasn’t enough and a regiment of guards had found us, we got the adventurers to escape but the guards attacked us and so Clover had to defend the village. After the fight, Clover was shunned from his village, stripped of his armour and honour and told to never return, he had broken a sacred law of the village and said to only return if he saves as many lives as he has taken. Clover saw this was idiotic, killing those soldiers saved more lives than he took already by saving the entire village but he had no choice so he left to find a place where his talents would be of use.

Farce Good.jpg

Farce Siic

This character is someone from a story I made for another project, he's a character who chopped off his limbs to gain magical powers and now rely's on his powers to move, he doesn't just use them to move though, as you can see from the picture he can cause a lot of destruction and all of this power has given him the appearance of a demon with his devil horns and skinny appearance. I couldn't decide what colour to leave the magic, the original one is a red/purple look but I like the colour in many forms and these variants give the piece a different tone. This is probably my favourite concept art that I've done so far.


Aeternum vale

This is a small map that I made that is based in an abandoned castle, there's also a mysterious mist travelling around that kills you if you stay in it too long. Luckily there's a glowing symbol in the centre that is warding it off. I was inspired by games like Dark Souls to create this and it was going to be a fighting stage for a game but just ended up being a little piece of art that I made. I made this really to test my skills on environment art and I think I've done well, there are still some things I could improve such as the buildings in the background don't have much detail and some details go missing in it a little. For example I put a dark figure in one of the cells to help give off a more creepy feel but the cells are so dark and the bars are so thick that you can't really see anyone in there.